Export Services

Expand your market horizons with Vtree’s export services. We specialize in connecting farmers with international buyers, ensuring efficient and profitable trade of agricultural products. From fresh produce to processed goods, we handle logistics and compliance, empowering farmers to tap into global markets.
  • Global market linkage for agricultural products
  • Export of fresh produce, processed goods, and agricultural inputs
  • Logistics management and regulatory compliance expertise
  • Expand farmers’ reach on the global stage

Domestic Trading Activities

Maximize your profitability in the local market with Vtree's domestic trading activities. Our strategic approach ensures prompt delivery and competitive pricing for your agricultural products. With streamlined supply chains and industry connections, we help farmers capture value in the domestic marketplace.

Consulting & Enabling Services

Unlock your agricultural venture’s potential with Vtree’s consulting and enabling services. Our experienced team provides tailored guidance on everything from land procurement to technology adoption. Whether you’re a seasoned farmer or new to the industry, we offer comprehensive support to help you navigate challenges and achieve success.
  • Tailored support for land procurement, development, and technology adoption
  • Comprehensive guidance on farming practices and business strategy
  • Empower farmers to make informed decisions
  • Achieve long-term success in agricultural ventures